Trick Sparrow

Garish? Uh-huh.
Industrious? Absolutely.
In on the joke? I sure fucking hope so.
A pastel pink Hrothgar who dove in headfirst to capitalize on the kawaii catboi maid idol market after hearing how lucrative the idol industry was.Obviously, he should have done more research.And perhaps a pinch of foresight wouldn't have hurt, either.☆ ‘Trick Sparrow’ is from a trash mob monster in FFIX I died to. It was my first FF and my first game over. It happened during the Festival of the Hunt and the monster just flew out of nowhere for the kill.
☆ I chose Hrothgar because I feared self-inserting (because of depression/anxiety and I hate where I am in life) and if I’m to be a catboi, might as well go all the way.
☆ In an FFIX cutscene when Zidane returns to Lindblum for the first time, he encounters two kids wanting to join Tantalus. To prove themselves, they have to show a member a rare treasure. They show Zidane a pair of trick sparrow wings. My OC is my own treasure I want to show off to a friend for approval, even though they stopped playing the game.
I will probably never finish Trick Sparrow's complete story. So I'll jot down an ending here.
As Trick wants to become the greatest star in all the world to be noticed, an inferno breaks out as a result of his endeavors. As if a divine act of pure irony, Trick will never become the fuel or flames that burn brightly. All he could do was watch.Commisisoned Original MusicI commissioned Beepo to create music after reading my carrd and I'm not disappointed. I would name this track"After Rehearsal"When I first listened to it, I pictured my maid idol Hrothgar having his back press against Ul'dah's stone alleyway wall after an unsuccessful rehearsal. He hugs his knees and almost tears up. Trick desperately wants to quit because his original songs and dance routines are subpar compared to the stars of the industry, but there is a tiny flicker of light in him that warms him, reminding him of what breathes life into him and to get up and rehearse once again. Again, and again. This time, worrying less about comparisons.


NAME: Trick Sparrow, alias.AGE: 31Birthday: August 30thGENDER: MaleRACE: HrothgarCLAN: Ilsabard HelionBIRTHPLACE: ???RESIDENCE: HomelessRELATIONSHIP STATUS: SingleORIENTATION: Demiromantic PansexualOCCUPATION: Part-time house maid and street idol, neither of which he is good at. A peep into his purse begs the question: where is he procuring his vast amount of funds?Alignment: True Neutral. Practical and earnest. If confronted with a strong desire, he will charge in with burning conviction. At the moment, his two jobs do not stir him to his feet at sunrise.LIKES: Plush bedding, lemonette detergent, books that make him feel like a friend is telling a story right next to him, warm showers, a drop of blood from his vanquished enemies in his rice omelet ketchup, Ul'dah's nightly fireworks, and that one bard who plays the trumpet longingly in Limsa Lominsa.DISLIKES: Maid work, singing rehearsals, that one Lalafel that somehow laughs "Ahaha, hahaha, HOI!" in every single damn town, and Gridania. That place makes him both itchy and sweaty.VICES: Despite being a maid, he relishes being treated like a master in other peoples' cafes. And sweets. A whole lot of it.PERSONALITY: Uplifting, cheerful, and confident. Or at least what he thinks is expected of a profitable maid idol. He brings one street passerby among an apathetic crowd to a smile, rejuvenating them with hope and energy to face their own struggles. At his downtime, he evokes a different smile from his comrades—a soft relief, their chests relaxing, allowing them to breathe and their heart to beat more freely. He may not be the Warrior of Light destined to save the world, but he holds a spark that brings out of the peace and greatness in any mortal soul. That is, if he's not 100% fatigued from work. His maid job sucks the life out of him.BACKSTORY: T/W blood, edgy, angst, sad boi, anxiety, depression, death, war.

RP Hooks

COMMON STREET IDOL WANNABE: He performs in the dusty alleys of Ul'dah and the least ventured, sunbleached platforms of Limsa Lominsa. Not Gridania. That place can burn. Nobody stays to watch his performances and he ends his repertoire with nary a single gil in the hat. Assuming he's aware of the pure ridiculousness of his endeavors, why would he put himself through all of it?ALMOST ADEQUATE HOUSE MAID: Immediately, he is thrown out of over 90% of interviews that called for cute catboy maids. For that 10%, he receives an envelope with the full payment and a request to look elsewhere for continued work. While his past patrons appreciate the effort, they will not pay anymore money for broken brooms and cake that is burnt on the outside and runny on the inside. At least he got the greetings and formal language down pat.LONG-RANGED COMBAT SPECIALIST: Pragmatic as ever, Trick understands his art will never flourish with an empty stomach. His mastery in the way of the bard, dancer, and machinist can keep him fed until he hits it big.FUTURE AUTHOR EXTRAORDINAIRE: Trick's shortsightedness and obliviousness to his true calling hinders his destiny of being a great author. After spending much of his life singing and dancing, he resigned himself to what he claims to be his lot in life and no more. His original songs lack the precise ear to charm the masses. Upon further inspection, his lyrics speaks more to the soul than he could ever admit. Who or what will be the catalyst that will make him shine brighter than any Warrior of Light?


"I'm off the clock. Wipe your own ass.""Very well, Master. It shall be done." Five minutes later. "It is my deepest regret to inform you that not only was I unable to eliminate your enemy, but now I became his closest companion. I require tomorrow off for a leisurely outing of pizza.""Please buy my tomestone tracks, everyone! I worked super hard to spread love and joy to all of Eorzea. It includes my greatest hits including: 'Raining Spiders' and 'I Bit My Tongue So Everyone Else Must Suffer A Fate Worse Than Death'!""Target located 45 yalms northeast. What is your command, Mistress?"♫ Everyday, I bury my face in the pillow ♫
♫ Tempted to, drown the night in sorrow ♫
♫ But that's not me ♫
♫ Nor the greatness I'll be ♫
♫ I can hear, my heartbeat drumming in my ears ♫
♫ Giving me, strength to push past all my fears ♫
♫ My friends, all here ♫
♫ Lifting me up with cheer. ♫
"For better or worse, you are the hero you believe to be. Hmm. For what it's worth, I would put my life in your hands.""I want that, that, two of this, and a lemonade." Trick drops a sack full of coin on the bakery display counter.


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DATA CENTER: CrystalSERVER: CoeurlTIME ZONE: Eastern Standard TimeAVAILABILITY: Nights, unless off from work.CONTACT ME: Tells (even casual OOC just to say hi) from in-game accepted. Discord: kelresROLEPLAY MEDIUM: Discord and In-game.ROLEPLAY STYLE: I've tried multiple RP styles across the board including long term (>2 months), modified D&D, and cooperative lore building. I'll adapt given we establish expectations and rules at the beginning. My preferred style is max 3 paragraphs per response in discord or 4 lines per response in-game. Overall, I'm flexible.FAVORITE GENRES: Adventure, drama, horror, thriller, mystery, and suspense. Romance is okay later in long term RP.ROLEPLAY BOUNDARIES: All/most partners must be at least 20 years old. I will never play WoL or canon characters, but I'm willing to interact with them with my OC.MISC: I prefer uninterrupted RP sessions in an agreed period of time in lieu of a single post per day or week, but that doesn't mean I'll turn down a good opportunity.

That One Time I Was Reincarnated as a Lalafell

BREAKING NEWS: Our belovedly tolerated pastel pink maid idol Hrothgar has been reported missing! Is our hero is dire straits? Has he died in an unfortunate pyrotechnic stunt rehearsal for his upcoming concert? Or perhaps he was caught in a slew of conspiracies in a murder mystery hidden away in a secluded grand mansion?No.He became a Hot Pink Menace Lalafell.It was late one night, he was thirsty, and drank whatever was in arm's length. Sadly for him, it was a concoction of Fantasia.

THE STORY CONTINUES: Our little shit of a Lalafell takes this opportunity to recharge from the maid idol industry, maybe hopping to the Gold Saucer and unwind. As a burnout wannabe pop star, it's important to let the creative juices flow and let those sore feet from all the heels—heal.But it has been months.No new music was written.No Trick Sparrow concerts were announced.What is keeping him from his ultimate destiny?

Super Happy, Super Angsty Lalafell: The spirit and joy to bring smiles to everyone's faces never died after the transformation. Trick still wants to make the ones her cherish feel good. But at what cost?His new form not only gave him an opportunity for a new life, but also time to rethink who he is, what he wants to become, and what he must do.For once, this joke is serious. All alone, he has been struggling in silence.And he wouldn't let anyone around him know that.It'll only break his heart even more to know his friends also suffer for his sake.***Update: A month later he was found again as a Hrothgar. Apparently he went to a summer vacation or some shit like that. I don't care.